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How does everything you state sound like music to my personal ears? I do not comprehend. I overheard an American girl ordering pizza pie yesterday and had gotten some enthusiastic. Would be that typical? Do I previously think that way after paying attention to, say, a lady from Manchester ordering pizza inside her colloquial language? No, obviously not. So whatever it really is you Americans are doing along with your crazy dental miracle, it must prevent. Okay?

You like our humour.

Today, I am not someone to toot my own horn but as humorous folks go, i am up here. Yes, which simply predicated on personal view, but that is practically beside the point. While I make bull crap to my friends it’s tumbleweed central, just even though I make a ‘bad laugh’ (as though I’m ready anything) to an American woman, the like i would also be Russell Brand. I believe like they should crown me Comedy Queen immediately. You merely create a female think desired.

Odd names for normal human circumstances.

Exactly why do you phone pants, “pants”? Exactly why are chips, “fries”? I’m in this way point actually so much reasons exactly why I’m intimately obsessed with United states girls, but alternatively simply normally obsessed by our very own differences. I mean… it is endearing that We still like you although you have no idea the right brands for things, right?

You’re constantly wonderful.

Constantly. I am a fairly delighted chappy. Anybody who fulfills myself will review that i am constantly in a beneficial mood (i recently really appreciate existence women, okay?). Us americans, but

whole different level

. Why are you so happy you are about tube? Moreover, why is it so great obtainable that it’s known as ‘the tube’? I am all for being courteous (and delighted), but even I can’t match your sunshine-y goodness, you beautiful US girls.


This option is a little touch-and-go. Because I FAVOR a sarcastic, quick-witted feminine. Also it simply very happens that


American I actually spoken to is very good at it. (

Regardless Of If these weren’t I Might however think it actually was adorable within their little accents…

) BACK AGAIN TO THE IDEA. They might be queens of sarcasm and all of us Brits love a little fast wit to be devote our place, correct? No? Just me personally? Er…

The L Keyword.

This program provides virtually destroyed my life and that I can tell around 60percent of my personal fixation together with the me of a has arrived using this show. I may actually state

The True L Keyword

had a similar result, though i am mainly discussing Lauren because she’s your ex of my personal fantasies. (… Does she even understand just how dreamy she actually is?)

ANYWAY. The British lesbian TV collection equivalent is what,

Lip service

? Frankie = Shane? Nobody is able to end up being Shane. Let’s prevent thinking we’re a lesbian Casanova and contrasting ourselves to Shane… it isn’t really beautiful.

Think about that G-d terrible

Candy Bar Girls

that offered UK lesbians these types of a negative representative for an excellent couple of months? The casting ended up being awful (today, i must be mindful among my most readily useful girl friends was with this). It really highlighted how little the London lesbian world is, as well as the distinct shortage of dreamy women. I am aware you can be found British dreamboats, so how have you been covering?

The L Keyword

features essentially persuaded me that one trip to the US lesbian scene could have myself mollycoddled by hot women with sexy accents utilizing the incorrect brands for situations. Therefore I conclude that my fixation with United states lesbians has come from

The L Term

. That is certainly that.

Have any Uk dramas produced exactly the same result offshore? Someone must let me know, tend to be American lesbians as enthusiastic about Brit lesbians?

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